For those not following the chaos in Canada right now (if not, turn on the news!), there is a convoy of truck drivers congregating on several larger cities in Canada, the largest in the nation’s capitol, Ottawa.

(Yes, the capitol of Canada is not Toronto, FYI.)

This group is protesting the vaccine requirements for truckers crossing the border….truckers who drive their goods to various depots to have them unloaded by others.

They don’t have any interactions with the people they are delivering to, in most cases.

Well, in support, a GoFundMe was setup, and it got up to the 10s of millions before GoFundMe decided that they didn’t want to get involved, and decided to give the money to charity…..until public backlash, so they instead refunded the money.

As GoFundMe was no longer an option, another funding partner arose, GiveSendGo, and again, another 10 million (or so) was raised.

Well, not to leave well enough alone, the Ontario government went as far as going to the Superior Court of Justice, to have those funds blocked, and were successful.


I wish other places out there had this resolve, as we approach 2 YEARS and 15 days to flatten the curve.