Apparently, there was a sports event recently?

I kid, I know it was the Super Bowl.

But, as I care about as much about the the Super Bowl as I do about a truck full of dead rats at a tampon factory (Top Secret – look it up!), I tend to post things like the picture here.

Well, this year, as I was perusing FB, I came across a link to an article essentially saying “Haha, your Superb Owl posts aren’t funny…..knock it off!”

Well, my first thought was, “And who appointed you to be the boss of all things online?”

Believe it not, people are allowed to have their own opinions, and sorry, but you don’t get to say what is funny or not.

Also, even if you don’t care to believe it, there is much more out there than 2 sets of overpaid athletes fighting over land in a mock land war, to the pleasure of their millionaire owners.

But then, that is just my opinion.