I’ve always wondered about sci-fi vs football.

It always struck me as odd that someone collecting football jerseys, and team memorabilia has been normalized by the greater public, but when you take that same passion and put it towards sci-fi and fantasy, you are looked down upon?

Wear a Broncos jersey, and you are showing ‘team spirit’!

Wear a Star Trek uniform, and you’re a ‘nerd’!

Odd disparity, don’t you think?

Take the following examples.

A Man Cave, filled with merchandise from their favourite team.

Now, the same passion, but it is for Star Trek.

Why is one normalized, while the other is disdained?

I’ve always been in the latter group – I pity my poor mother, for the things I asked her to make over the years for various Hallowe’ens.

Now, at least, I’m the one making them, and to be fair, I have helped my kids out, as any good parent would do.

And just to show where I stand on this issue, here’s part of my collection.