So, I’ve been quiet for a week, as I had something large drop last week, and I’ve been thinking it over for a while.

I have been a member of my local Rotary club since December 9, 1999, so over 22 years.

Over the years, I did what I was supposed to do – be a good member, help out, and then you’ll be asked to do more.

I chaired major fundraisers (and managed to bring music to our stage over a festival weekend, a change that still exists today, despite what other people try to say and try to take the credit for….)

Well, 8 years in, I was asked to serve on the board, and I think I fulfilled the role well, meeting all the goals set out.

And then nothing.

For years.

It got so bad that I opted to work for the district.

Then, as I was 15 years in the club, I volunteered to be club secretary, out of sheer boredom. And I did it for 6 years, leaving as the longest serving secretary in club history.

And then nothing again.

And watched people who have been in the club for less time that me serve as president (2 years, 3 years, 9 years, 12 years less…..) and I can’t even get an invite to the board.

In fact, one the the presidents I worked with as secretary, joined the club 2 months before I did, and was president after being in the club for 15 years.

So, after being in the club for 22 years, and being asked to serve on the board ONCE (remember, I volunteered to be secretary) I decided enough was enough, and put in my intent to resign in April, as I did have some duties to perform at the district level.

Well, last Thursday, as I was driving 250kms north, to bring my kids home for reading week, ahead of a major storm, I get a phone call from a friend that my resignation was announced.

So, that leaves the district struggling to find a replacement for my duties.

And that is, as they say, that.

And now a week later, a total of 4 people (out of 125) have even reached out to me – I guess, in the end, I was never really a member of the club – I was a resource, as I was handy with the A/V system.

So that is how 22 years of service ends.