So, as we are more or less back out of lockdown (until we aren’t….again) I have once again taken to the gym, to try to get back into pre-COVID shape.

I go to a gym called Planet Fitness, where I am required to show my QR code for the vaccine, have it scanned, and then scan in my membership card, to go in.

Simple, right?

Well, not so much.

The scanner was not working correctly, as I tried several times, and it wasn’t being read.

So, to get past this error, I offered to show my proof of 2nd dose. The girl at the front desk said that wasn’t good enough, and that it HAD to be scanned.

My response was that the impetus for that was on them, as their equipment wasn’t working. The look she gave me was similar to a monkey doing long division, a look of total confusion.

So, I suggested to force- quit the app, relaunch it and see what happens.

Lo and behold, all is working again.

Makes me shake my head sometimes….